How To Fix Gap Between Door And Floor [Guide]

How to Fix Gap between Door and Floor

A gap between your door and the floor could be annoying, especially for an exterior door. You have to constantly deal with the air, moisture, and dirt that may come in through the gap as well as the heat that let out through the gap. The good news is that there are numerous simple and … Read more

How To Fix Leaking Bathtub Faucet When Shower Is On

How to Fix Leaking Bathtub Faucet When Shower Is On

Most bathtubs in bathrooms have faucets that help regulate the flow of water in the bathtub. But there are situations where you turn on the shower to notice a leaking bathtub faucet while the showerhead is also running water. You are probably wondering how to go about this without spending on a plumber. If you … Read more

Stripped Screw Hole In Wood Cabinet – Easy Fix

Fixing Stripped Screw Hole In Wood Cabinet

Putting a stripped screw back on the wood cabinet can sometimes get super irritating especially when you have already turned and spun the screw back a million times. The main reason why your screw isn’t tightening can be holes created by stripping. You first need to fix the stripped screw hole in order to successfully … Read more


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How To Fix A Loose Light Switch [Step-by-step]

How To Fix A Loose Light Switch

Sometimes, because of repeated use of light switches, they become loose or broken. If not fixed on time, these loose switches can lead to alarming situations such as shocks or even fatal electrocution. Therefore, if you have a loose or broken light switch, do your best to fix it immediately. But, the question is: How … Read more

Fixing Cabinet Door That Fell Off The Hinges (Guide)

How To Fix A Cabinet Door That Fell Off The Hinges

Cabinet doors that have loose screws eventually fall if left unattended. It is due to the frequent movements of hinge plates, holes of screws gradually get enlarged. Thus the screws cannot tightly stay inside the holes, resulting in the fall of the door. You can save your cabinet door from falling off the hinges by … Read more

How To Install Quarter Round On Stairs? – DIY Guide

How To Install Quarter Round On Stairs

One way homeowners cover gaps on their staircase is by using molding. While it might sound simple, adding molding or covering gaps with molding isn’t a walk in the park. In this article, we’ve decided to put together and share with you this guide on how to install quarter round on stairs. Equipment/Tools & Materials … Read more

Why Does My Soundbar Keep Cutting Out? – 5 Causes

Why Does My Sound Bar Keep Cutting Out

Having a soundbar is one of the simplest ways to add quality sound to any home theatre or entertainment system. Despite their benefits, soundbars have a few challenges, which may ruin the whole experience. One such negative associated with soundbars is the soundbar cutting out constantly. If you are among those experiencing this challenge, you … Read more