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Food Fatigue a Real Concern for Preppers

Food Fatigue

Eating the same food day in and day out isn’t just tiresome, it is unhealthy.

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How to Make Your Own Instant Survival Meals

Lean to make your own instant survival meals from dehydrated and freeze dried foods. Save money by making your own instant meals in a bag.

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3 Month Food Supply Giveaway

Enter to win a 30 Day Food Supply From

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Why You Need at Least 30 Days of Food on Hand

canningWhen you are new to prepping or even if you are somewhat practiced at it, you are probably still trying to figure out just how much food you should be storing. You will read about folks who have a year’s worth of food sitting in their basement or bunker. It seems like a far-fetched, nearly impossible goal to attain without spending hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars overnight to get that much food stored away.

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Build a Simple Solar Dehydrator For Under $20

Prepping is about preparing to live without many of the modern conveniences we have today. One of those conveniences is electricity. One of the best things about learning ways to get things done without using electricity is you will save money on your electric bill today. Every dollar you save on your monthly utility bill can be applied to paying off debt or buying more supplies for your emergency storage.

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How to Dry Fresh Herbs For Year Round Use

Adding fresh herbs to recipes helps boost flavor. Most herbs do not grow year round, so harvesting fresh herbs and drying them out for later use allows them to be used in various recipes year round. Drying herbs is a simple way to preserve them for future use. Not all herbs take well to the drying process and some are best used only when fresh.

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How to Brew Delicious Craft Beer at Home

I recently spoke to a friend Brian over at Gluten Free Brewing this past weekend because I wanted to finally get started in brewing my own craft beer here at the homestead. I can go on and on about how alcoholic beverages are a prime bartering item during a SHTF scenario, but the truth is I just want some great beer for the summer.

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What You Really Need to Know About Storing Seeds

Survival Seeds

Are you storing your seeds wrong? Find Out

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How to Pack Food in Mylar Bags For Long Term Storage

Creating a long term food supply is one of the basic steps a beginner prepper will undertake. More often than not, storing foods such as rice, grains, and other dry goods will be sealed in mylar bags and 5-gallon food safe buckets. There are a few precautions you need to take into consideration when preparing […]

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