How To Tell If French Drain Is Working

How to tell if French Drain is working

French drains are crucial for proper drainage at home. They are created to collect rainwater and direct it downhill. Without a French drain, water may get stuck in a low area of your compound and cause flooding. Additionally, water may seep through the soil and find its way into your basement. However, when the French … Read more

How To Make Your Own Mushroom Log

Mushroom Log

There are many reasons to grow your own mushroom log. Perhaps you consider yourself something of a chef and have discovered the unparalleled taste of locally sourced mushrooms. Perhaps you’re just looking at a way to grow extra food. Maybe you’re interested in the health benefits. Whatever your reasoning is, fungiculture is not hard and … Read more

19 Solid Steps to Creating a Homestead

steps to a homestead feature

If you’ve just bought a property with the intention of starting a homestead, it can be a bit of a daunting process. How do you get from property to homestead? Where do you even start? Based on my experience, here are 19 steps to creating a homestead that anyone can implement with a bit of … Read more

Tiny Homes for Preppers and Homesteaders

Tiny Homes for Preppers

Are tiny homes for preppers? For over a decade now, it’s been “a thing”: individuals, couples, even families opting for the simplicity that comes with fewer square feet of home to deal with: the Tiny House movement. People undergo a massive lifestyle change, all in the name of cutting away unwanted expenses and unnecessary possessions.  … Read more

My Greenhouse in the Desert Challenge

my greenhouse kit

Can you build a greenhouse in the desert? Yes! It is a serious challenge, however. I live in the Southwest, where we have blazing hot summer days and frigid winter nights. A greenhouse can be a great addition to anyone’s garden, regardless of where you live. Having a desert greenhouse requires some planning that other … Read more