9 Best Guns for a Homestead or Farm

Have a farm or homestead? Looking for a gun to stock the larder or ward off pests and threats? Here is my list of the best guns for a homestead or farm, firearms for securing the ranch. The westward migration prompted by the Homestead Act of 1862 saw families living beyond the bounds of established … Read more

11 Ways to Save Time on Homesteading Chores

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Arguably one of the most important traits of a successful homesteader is the ability to manage time efficiently. Homesteading chores take up the bulk of time. There is always something to be done on a homestead — there’s no place for boredom. If one allows it to, the to-do list can quickly become overwhelming. Gardens … Read more

Is Living Off-Grid Illegal in Your State?

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Is living off-grid illegal? That depends. When it comes to legally living off-grid, there are many different aspects to look at. To begin with, what exactly do we mean by off the grid? In the traditional sense, going off the grid just means that one is disconnecting themselves from the electrical grid. However, there also … Read more

How to Make Tall PVC Chicken Feeder Canes

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Building chicken feeder canes from PVC is one of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to save time on chores around the homestead. When I first got my chickens, it seemed like the beginning of a dream coming to fruition. I was finally beginning to farm. What I quickly discovered, however, is that on a … Read more

Cottagecore: A Guide to the Gen Z Aesthetic

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It had to happen eventually. A growing number of younger people are flocking to the cottagecore aesthetic, romanticizing the pastoral life as an escape from the indoor, always connected, electronic rush of Information Age reality. Wouldn’t you rather wear an old pair of careworn overalls or a flowy dress with big pockets and spend quality … Read more

17 Homesteading Books to Get You Started

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Starting a homestead is not only a lot of physical work but a lot of mental work trying to figure out how to get started. I’ve written about 19 solid steps to getting started with a homestead, but even that is insufficient. There is a big learning curve. While you cannot expect to learn everything … Read more