How To Fix Gap Between Door And Floor [Guide]

How to Fix Gap between Door and Floor

A gap between your door and the floor could be annoying, especially for an exterior door. You have to constantly deal with the air, moisture, and dirt that may come in through the gap as well as the heat that let out through the gap. The good news is that there are numerous simple and … Read more

How To Disguise Cracked Floor Tiles – 5 Best Ways

Methods To Disguise Cracked Floor Tiles

Cracked floor tiles are an eyesore and can throw off the design and style of a space. The good news is they can be disguised. If you’re considering disguising cracked floor tiles, we have put together top methods and tips for you to apply. 1. Filling The Cracked Floor Tiles Filling the cracked floor tiles … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Mildew Smell In Carpet

How to get rid of mildew smell in carpet

Carpets always add style and elegance to our homes. However, they also require regular and proper maintenance. Spills, urine, rain, and so on from kids, pets, and even accidents can give your carpet a bad smell. Not just this, but it can breed mildew and mold. Needless to say, mildew poses a health risk to … Read more

How To Install Carpet Padding (Step-By-Step)

How to install carpet padding

A new carpet pad adds beauty to the carpet, provides sound control and insulation, and makes the walk area more comfortable. But how do you install it correctly? Worry not, as we have prepared a guide that will help you with the process. Let’s dive into the guide right now. Prepare For The Installation Determine … Read more

Why Do Floors Creak? – 8 Reasons

Why Do Floors Creak

No one likes the creaking sound that floors make, especially when you install a brand new wooden floor. Yes, floor creaking is not only limited to old floors. There are equal chances of your new build floors producing these irritating sounds. There are various reasons behind the creaking of floors, and there are multiple remedies … Read more