Types of Edible Moss for Food and Antiseptics

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Have you ever wondered about edible moss? You’re on the right page. The amount of life we can find just by looking at the ground on which we stand can be incredible. I constantly find myself stopping to take pictures of mushrooms, little beetles, and other anomalies while I’m out in the woods hiking, hunting, … Read more

29 Old Time Recipes for Homesteaders

homestead kitchen and old time recipes

There was a time when homesteading wasn’t the romanticized, peaceful living we often associate it with today. Life was hard. Days were long. Survival was uncertain. Times were lean, and that often included what was served at the dinner table. Homesteaders had to make do with what they had around them and make the most … Read more

Biltong – Better Meat Preservation than Jerky


If you are looking for better meat preservation strategies, then making biltong is an easy and tasty option. It originated in Southern Africa and was “invented” by the early Dutch settlers. These frontier farmers were often on the move or lived isolated lives and needed a method of preserving meat that could last for months. … Read more