Does Epsom Salt Expire? 8 Reasons to Stock It

Epsom salt

Epsom salt is a useful and potent chemical that can help preppers keep their bodily functions running smoothly. One big question people have is, does Epsom salt expire? If it does, how long does it take? Read on to find out the answers and more.  In these modern times where people turn to manufactured foods … Read more

15 Free Root Cellar Plans DIY

Garbage Can Root Cellar

What is a Root Cellar A root cellar is an underground room or storage area used for keeping foods at a constant, cool, and low humidity environment for extended periods of time. This is much like what takes place in an underground cave. Whether the temperature at ground level is swelteringly hot or well below … Read more

Build a Simple Solar Dehydrator For Under $20

Prepping is about preparing to live without many of the modern conveniences we have today. One of those conveniences is electricity. One of the best things about learning ways to get things done without using electricity is you will save money on your electric bill today. Every dollar you save on your monthly utility bill can be applied to paying off debt or buying more supplies for your emergency storage.