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Make Your Own Self Watering Tomato Buckets

Self Watering Tomato Buckets

My Italian grandmother always had good advice. One of them being, “You can never have too many tomato plants, but what happens when you run out of room in the garden. Tomatoes are probably the most versatile plant you can grow; They are used in everything from Tomato Sauce to Ketchup,  Espagnole Sauce to Bloody […]

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Guide to Companion Planting

In part 2 of the article “Square Foot Gardening”, I wanted to touch base on an extreme important concept that can not only increase your yields but also deter pests.

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Square Foot Gardening 101

Square foot gardening is the practice of dividing the growing area into small square sections

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15 Free Root Cellar Plans DIY

Garbage Can Root Cellar

What is a Root Cellar A root cellar is an underground room or storage area used for keeping foods at a constant, cool, and low humidity environment for extended periods of time. This is much like what takes place in an underground cave. Whether the temperature at ground level is swelteringly hot or well below […]

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20+ Grants for Homesteaders and Beginner Farmers

Homesteading Grants

Find over 20 federal and private grants for homesteaders, farmers and individuals looking to start a lifestyle in sustainability.

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12 DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Rasied Garden Bed on Legs

Does your garden need a little inspiration? Check out the 12 raised garden beds made from everyday materials.

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Build This Amazing Chicken Coop With These Free Plans

Free Chicken Coop Plans

See how we built this amazing chicken coop on the cheap. Complete with tons of photos and free chicken coop plans for download.

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DIY Aquaponics Projects For Beginners

Start growing your own food using a DIY aquaponics system. These simple designs will get you up and running fast with minimal investment.

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15 Free Greenhouse Plans DIY

Free Grennhouse Plans

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to build the greenhouse you always wanted. We have found 15 of the best free greenhouse plans available.

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