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Our Review of RZ Masks From RZ Industries

Last week I received a phone call from the guys over at RZ masks, a manufacture of air filtration masks. Truthfully, Ive never heard of the company before but after some research I realized that they are extremely popular withing the motocross community. The gentleman I spoke to told me that he has had an influx […]

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What Size Oxygen Absorber Do I Need?

Oxygen Absorber Chart

Want to know how many Oxygen Absorbers you need for your long term food storage. Check out our simple chart.

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How to Survive an Active Shooter

survive active shooter

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has created this video to help people answer the question “What would you do?” in the event of a sudden attack by a gunman while at work, at school, or in public.

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Our Under Armour Boot Review

under armour boot reviews

We just reviewed Under Armour’s Side Zip Boots and you will be pleasantly surprised on what we had to say.

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Want your knife to last?

Sharpening Knives

Maintaining your knives Most of us carry a knife or a multi-tool of some sort. A well-made bladed tool can be invaluable in the amount of tasks it can perform from cutting food or opening boxes to literally saving someone’s life. Whether you carry a folding knife, fixed blade or multi tool on a daily […]

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3 Really Awesome Liberty Gun Safes

Liberty Safes are the #1 selling home & guns safes in America

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10 Alternative Methods Of Cooking During SHTF

Check out these alternative methods of cooking during an emergency. When you don’t have a stove handy, these 10 methods will do you fine.

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Training Your Dog for Survival

K9 Survival Training

Learn these simple skills every prepper should teach their dogs to prepare them for long term survival during an emergency.

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When its Best to Just Bug-In

When to Bug-In

Let’s explore some potential scenarios that would be best for you to bug in rather than try to escape.

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Food Fatigue a Real Concern for Preppers

Food Fatigue

Eating the same food day in and day out isn’t just tiresome, it is unhealthy.

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