DIY Rocket Stove Heater

rocket stove heater

What is a Rocket Stove? A rocket stove or rocket mass heater is a remarkable way to heat your home, garage or any other space. It also works very well for cooking food. A rocket stove is highly efficient. It’s fueled by small diameter pieces of wood placed vertically into a burning chamber. The wood … Read more

Build a Simple Solar Dehydrator For Under $20

Prepping is about preparing to live without many of the modern conveniences we have today. One of those conveniences is electricity. One of the best things about learning ways to get things done without using electricity is you will save money on your electric bill today. Every dollar you save on your monthly utility bill can be applied to paying off debt or buying more supplies for your emergency storage.

12 ingenious emergency lights lanterns and candles

butter candle

A flashlight is a pretty standard piece of gear in any home. However, how many times have you reached for the flashlight and discovered the batteries were dead? Or maybe it just quit working altogether. Unless you invest in high quality, expensive flashlights, you are likely to come across this problem quite often.