How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: Happy Halloween

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: Happy Halloween!

What is more terrifying than the walking dead? Not much. This Halloween, make sure you’re prepared for the most terrifying apocalyptic scenario yet! While the chances of an actual disease that spreads and turns mankind into zombies are very low, there are a few deadly bacteria and diseases that replicate “zombie-like” symptoms. A few of […]

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Different kind of food storage

Freeze Dried Meal Storage – Is It Worth It?

If you go and search “food storage,” chances are you’ll get several sites trying to sell you food already packaged for the zombie apocalypse, and any other dastardly event you could think of. However, while it is easy to just buy a bunch of these meals, it’s not always the most practical or cost effective […]

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How To Make Pemmican – A DIY Guide

What is Pemmican? Pemmican is basically an energy bar made out of shredded jerky, dried fruit, and fat. These have been made historically by Native Americans and Homesteaders. Creating pemmican makes an energy source that has more calories and longer shelf life than jerky alone. Pemmican shelf life is very long, because it has very […]

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20 Homestead Survival Tips and Tricks

Top 20 Homesteading Survival Tips and Tricks

When the time comes that you have to fend for yourself, every little advantage counts.  I sometimes find myself watching saved episodes of survival shows or reading my favorite websites the night before a survival challenge.  Cramming typically does not work well, but knowing some tips and tricks is always a good idea.  Here are […]

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5 ways deer free garden

Top 5 Ways To Have a Deer Free Garden

Deer can be a real problem to gardens and can cause a great deal of damage to crops and flowers alike. Young deer can be especially destructive because they are inexperienced and eager to try new things, and often eat plants that more mature deer generally leave alone. Whether you grow food for your own […]

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5 ways to get rid of aphids

5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Aphids for Good

After all the work that goes into growing and maintaining a garden, the last thing that you want is to have pests arriving and destroying all the hard work. Aphids are notorious for coming into your garden and quickly spreading across the new growth and damaging everything in their path. For a pest so small, […]

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Top 10 Must Grow Heirloom Tomatoes

With more people looking to grow their own produce, and with the renewed interest in organics and sustainable farming, heirloom tomatoes are seeing new popularity. Grown for their color, taste, and size, heirloom tomatoes provide many unique traits that are traditionally not found in the common red tomato. Being a mutation or variant of the […]

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lost in woods

How to Navigate in the Wilderness Without a Map and Compass

If you don’t have a means to figure out your sense of direction and know where to walk to, you will waste valuable time and energy either walking around in circles or heading in the wrong direction.

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Chicken Breeds

Best Chicken Breeds for the Beginning Homesteader

As it turns out, not all chickens are created equal; and when you’re just getting started in the homesteading game, it can be hard to know what breed of chicken will work best for your family’s needs.

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EDC Every Day Carry

5 Survival Tools You Should Always Have With You

The scary thing about a survival situation is that you never know when you will end up in one. That’s why it never hurts to be prepared. Even if all that you have on you is what is in your pockets, that’s better than nothing.

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