8 Methods of Fire Making You Need To Know

A fire is an absolute necessity for your survival. If you find yourself stranded in the outdoors, you need to be able to make a fire to stay warm, provide comfort and clean water if necessary. There are plenty of different ways to provide the spark that is needed to create a roaring fire. You […]

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What to Consider When Choosing a Generator for Emergencies

One of the things a lot of preppers invest in is a generator to power their homes when the grid goes down. Picking the right kind of generator is very important, because some types are only good for the very short term. Chinese Generators A lot of people head out to their local bigbox home […]

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Doghouse to Chicken Coop Conversion

When my wife and I purchased our new home, not only were we strapped for extra cash but we were also pressed for time. I wanted to build a new chicken coop so that the ladies had a safe place to stay. I originally planned on building a chicken tractor from pallets but my wife […]

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Growing Mushrooms at Home for Beginners

Mushrooms are delicious and nutritious. Unfortunately, they can be rather expensive as well, which makes it tough to make them a regular part of your diet. It seems like you spend a small fortune for a little tub of mushrooms at the grocery store that when cooked, end up barely being enough for two people. […]

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Gonna Hunt For Food During SHTF? Think Again

In my years I have come across several people who think they are prepared for SHTF, but sadly aren’t. When your plan for feeding yourself relies on grabbing ole Betsy and heading into the woods to kill yourself a dear, you are most likely going to be sorely disappointed. Even if you plan on existing […]

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How To Store Root Vegetables Long Term

You count on your garden to feed your family, but what do you do during the winter months? Some root crops are simply not suitable for canning, freezing or even dehydrating. Root crops, like potatoes, onions and carrots are prolific in the garden and they can go a long way to feeding your family. Delicious […]

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5 Primitive Shelters That You Can Build

One of my fondest memories as kid was taking my wilderness survival merit badge in Scouts. We were split up in to teams of two and had to build a shelter that we would sleep in for the weekend. I remember the feeling of accomplishment and the excitement of sleeping in what amounted to a […]

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10 Medicinal Herbs You Should Be Growing

Herbal medicines have been in use for thousands of years & in a few parts of the globe, they’re still the only treatment that is readily available.  Although not a substitute for care from a doctor, these simple herbs can help you out when traditional medicine isn’t readily available. We compile a few of the […]

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8 Survival Super Foods You Need To Be Growing

Strawberries We all love strawberries. Strawberries can be perfect for beginners. Strawberries which you develop at your house are also sweeter as compared to the ones which you’ll see at the grocery store as well. They could be grown at any place of your lawn & could consume either a large or small space depending […]

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