Square Foot Gardening 101

Square foot gardening is the practice of dividing the growing area into small square sections

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DIY Rocket Stove Heater

rocket stove heater

What is a Rocket Stove? A rocket stove or rocket mass heater is a remarkable way to heat your home, garage or any other space. It also works very well for cooking food. A rocket stove is highly efficient. It’s fueled by small diameter pieces of wood placed vertically into a burning chamber. The wood […]

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15 Free Root Cellar Plans DIY

Garbage Can Root Cellar

What is a Root Cellar A root cellar is an underground room or storage area used for keeping foods at a constant, cool, and low humidity environment for extended periods of time. This is much like what takes place in an underground cave. Whether the temperature at ground level is swelteringly hot or well below […]

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Our Review of RZ Masks From RZ Industries

Last week I received a phone call from the guys over at RZ masks, a manufacture of air filtration masks. Truthfully, Ive never heard of the company before but after some research I realized that they are extremely popular withing the motocross community. The gentleman I spoke to told me that he has had an influx […]

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What Size Oxygen Absorber Do I Need?

Oxygen Absorber Chart

Want to know how many Oxygen Absorbers you need for your long term food storage. Check out our simple chart.

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How to Survive an Active Shooter

survive active shooter

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has created this video to help people answer the question “What would you do?” in the event of a sudden attack by a gunman while at work, at school, or in public.

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Our Under Armour Boot Review

under armour boot reviews

We just reviewed Under Armour’s Side Zip Boots and you will be pleasantly surprised on what we had to say.

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Homesteading, Then & Now


There is a lot of talk about homesteading among those who are prepping to live long after there is a major economic collapse or some other terrible disaster befalls the world. Despite its common usage, not everybody is truly familiar and informed about what homesteading truly is. There is a good reason for that. Many […]

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20+ Grants for Homesteaders and Beginner Farmers

Homesteading Grants

Find over 20 federal and private grants for homesteaders, farmers and individuals looking to start a lifestyle in sustainability.

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12 DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Rasied Garden Bed on Legs

Does your garden need a little inspiration? Check out the 12 raised garden beds made from everyday materials.

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