15 DIY Free Greenhouse Plans for Gardeners

Several years ago, while my wife and I were looking for our little homestead, the one thing I was most excited about was building a greenhouse for my plants. We started searching for greenhouse plans. I didn’t want some rinky-dink greenhouse. I wanted something that was at least 12ft wide. I wanted space to move around, store garden supplies, etc.

My Search for Greenhouse Building Plans

We closed on our home in August of that year so I spent that fall comparing options, prices, and styles. I shopped some of the larger retailers to see if purchasing a pre-built greenhouse would be economically feasible. I searched all fall and winter.

When spring came that next year, I still had no greenhouse to start my seeds. I was disappointed in what I found for sale in the price range we could afford. The only greenhouse I could find in our price range looked nice in the photos, but the reviews indicated not one person who was satisfied with the quality. Most people stated that after a year or so, the greenhouse just fell apart.

I eventually realized that in order to get a quality greenhouse that I could afford would be to build it myself. So, that’s what I did.

diy greenhouse kit ad

I designed my own from scratch using some free drafting tools on the web. However, during my search, I came upon some great resources for greenhouse designs that can fit into any budget. I hope you enjoy the free greenhouse plans that I found.

If these plans don’t end up satisfying you, I recommend these books for more reading:

Now, on to the plans.

1. Free Greenhouse Plans from BuildEazy

I will say that I love these plans because the finished product stands out and fits well within my yard. I actually used these plans as a starting point when I designed my own.

Free Greenhouse Plans

They do have free plans available but you can also purchase more detailed ones for $5. Not bad for the budget conscious. Free Plans

2. Free Greenhouse Plans from How to Specialist

Here is a variation of the plans from above. They are a little bit more simplified and a great weekend project if you want to get something up quickly. Download the plans here.

Simple Greenhouse Plans

I particularly like the high, south facing vent/windows on this design.

3. Budget Friendly Plan

If you are looking for something cheap and easy, this is the plan for you. At only 50 bucks you really can’t go wrong. This one is a combination of wood and PVC pipe. Check out their page for the plans.

Cheap and Easy Greenhouse

This design is a perfect one to get you started on a quick setup. You can begin with this one before committing to a more permanent structure. It can also be more easily taken down in the winter season than many other designs.

4. Another Plan from How to Specialist

Here is another design from How to Specialist. Personally, I like to see some images of the finished product but hey, it’s free so I’m not gonna complain. Get the DIY plans here.

How to build a small greenhouse

This one is simple, but effective, though… a bit small for my taste.

5. Build an Arched Greenhouse from PVC Pipe

Ok, I like these plans for several reasons. They are relatively inexpensive to build and you can customize them to what ever size you want. Living out in the country, I see a lot of these around. For plans and TONS of user submitted photos, visit their website.

Hoop Greenhouse Plans

PVC, it seems, can be used for just about anything; greenhouses are no exception. If you don’t live in an area that gets high winds, this design should suit you fine, but on a blustery day you may wish you had built something stronger.

6. The Barn Style Greenhouse

Want a greenhouse that withstands the harsh northern winters? This sturdy structure is perfect for round year use, need to send this one to my “Motha in New Joisey.” Download the plans.

Barn Style Greenhouse

This design is one of my favorites of this list. It’s rugged and permanent.

7. Build a Greenhouse from Recycled Bottles

Don’t want to throw away all those water and soda bottle? Need a good excuse to rummage through your neighbors’ trash? Put them to good use by up-cycling them in to this unique greenhouse. Learn more about this great little project here.

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

This greenhouse is great if you’re the artist type looking for a unique project. For the utilitarian, however, better off going with a conventional build.

8. Free Greenhouse Plans from Mother Earth News

Are you so over protective of your plants that you are willing to camp out? How about a greenhouse with a sleeping loft. This solar powered hut is definitely on my list of most unique. Read the full article on Mother Earth News.

Greenhouse Guest House

Is it a greenhouse or a tiny house? It almost looks like it could be either. It’s unique, cute, but probably not very practical for the budget-minded homesteader.

9. Free Greenhouse Plans from YellaWood

Simple but detailed plans to build a greenhouse using pressure treated lumber. Download the plan here.

Greenhouse Plans

This design is straightforward and conventional. The downloadable (and printable) PDF download should be easy to follow if you have basic building skills.

10. Small Greenhouse Plans

These plans are pretty great, they include everything including written instructions. Download the plans.

Small Greenhouse Plans

This design is fully functional and suitable for the growing hobby farm.

11. Free Hoop House Plans

Here is another hoop house plan that I found. Great tutorial. Get the greenhouse plans here. If it’s a hoop house that you are after, visit Bootstrap Farmer for all kinds of greenhouse parts and accessories.

Hoop House

The hoop house is the most common of all greenhouses. Wind blows over them better than square designs, and water drops runs off easily. With the heavy plastic sheathing, you can also roll it up or down with ease to ventilate when necessary.

12. Thrifty Greenhouse

Small, practical and easy to build. This greenhouse doesn’t come with plans but you can easily build your own from the pics! Get the plans here.

Simple Greenhouse

This one is cute, simple, affordable, and perfect for smaller gardens and homeowners who just want to get seeds started.

13. Free Greenhouse Plans from BuildEazy

Dog ate all your CDs? Put those old covers to use in this INGENIOUS project. Great for starting seeds. Greenhouse from CD covers.

Unique Greenhouse

Yeah, I know, it’s barely a greenhouse, but it’s unique nevertheless.

14. Great Article on a Greenhouse Build

Follow along with this family’s build of their own greenhouse. What an awesome job they did. Throw a few old windows in there and some paint! Read their blog here.

Greenhouse Build

A lot of homesteaders have scrap lumber laying around, and this is the perfect type of greenhouse build if you’re just looking to get something together without buying a bunch of new material.

15. How to Build a GeoDome Greenhouse

If you love cutting compound angles and you’re a big fan of retro 70’s then this design is perfect for you. Build this geodesic dome greenhouse by following their plans here.

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Plans

I really like this design for its visual appeal. It looks more inviting than any of the others – my own included!

Greenhouse Plan Wrap Up

Well folks, those are the most interesting plans that I found. I wish you much luck on your project, it may be a little work but it will be worth it. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to get noticed on other homesteading projects!