Best Curved TV Stands In 2021 [Reviews]

When asked to think about your home, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The sofa, the bed, and the third option would probably be the TV.

This is often considered one of the essential parts of the home; without a TV, you might get people asking you what all your furniture is pointed at.

If you have a TV, the chances are that it isn’t just sitting on the floor, but it’s resting at eye level on a TV stand.

Best Curved TV Stands Reviews

These unique pieces of furniture are convenient, not just for supporting your television, but storing your DVD player and TV box in neat compartments that hide away all the trailing leads.

TV stands come in many different shapes and styles, and it’s important when buying one that you’ll need a model and a color that suits the decor of your home.

You also have to think about the material, and the weight capacity of your TV stand as televisions that are 48-inches weigh around 130-pounds. You’ll also need something that precisely measures the length of your TV.

Curved TV stands often elevate the design of a stand to an art object. Without corners, they are perfect for people with small children who worry that they might catch their eye on a, particularly sharp edge.

These stylish and sometimes outlandish pieces of furniture will give you and your living room that added touch of class.

But where can you find the best curved TV stands?

What features does a TV stand have to give you that reliable level of support, and what materials should it be made from to ensure that your expensive TV does not succumb to any knocks and bumps from children or stray pets?

How much can you be expected to pay for a decent curved TV stand?

Well, television addicts the world over won’t have to worry themselves with these questions anymore, as we’ve got a list of some of the best curved TV stands currently available on the market.

We’ve also got a buyer’s guide that will help you figure out the difference between the great and not-so-great TV stands, as well as some frequently asked questions.


Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand small

Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand


Convenience Concepts 3 Tier Wide TV Stand small

Convenience Concepts 3-Tier Wide TV Stand


Curved Tangent 1300 TV Stand small

Curved Tangent 1300 TV Stand


Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand

Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand

First on our list is this very stylish and affordable TV stand with a sleek design and is made especially to support a 50-inch TV that weighs around 50-pounds.

It has three open shelves in the lower portion, which is a perfect place to store a DVD player or a Netflix package – introducing the Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand.

This unit is built with 3 shelves in the housing that will store any games consoles and DVD players, as well as allowing you to tuck away excess wires and leads discreetly.

This will avoid trip hazards and generally make your house look very nice and clean. The stand itself is made from laminated wood and is accented by durable metal tubing in the base.

The curved element of this TV will undoubtedly give your household that sophisticated look, coming in different colors such as distressed grey oak, espresso, and Sonoma oak.

You can also hide any clutter, such as board games and child toys in the storage compartment, which is a must-have for OCD cleaners.


  • The sleek laminated wooden finish is resistant to spillages and stains. If you have children causing havoc around the house, all you have to do is wipe down any juice or drool they happen to get on your stand.
  • The storage space has plenty of capacity to store electronics, games, and other household items. It’s basically a TV stand and a storage space in one.
  • The lack of corners means that the likelihood of anyone seriously injuring themselves on this stand is little to none.
  • This stand comes in several vibrant and tasteful colors that you can be sure will complement most styles of home decor.


  • The price – like a lot of these stands, this one will set you back quite a bit. If the luxurious style of this stand is not to your taste, we’d recommend opting for something cheaper.


Convenience Concepts 3-Tier Wide TV Stand

Convenience Concepts 3 Tier Wide TV Stand

Next up, we have a very simple table that has been described as ‘beautiful’ and ‘breathtaking’ by its numerous positive testimonies.

This will give you all the quality at a fraction of the price of some other TV stands that we don’t care to mention on this list.

It has a sturdy particle wood construction with a melamine finish – introducing the Convenience Concepts 3-Tier Wide TV Stand.

When it comes to supporting larger television sets, upwards of 50-inches, you won’t go far wrong with this model.

It has rounded edges, and a generally curved design that you can be sure will fit into most living rooms. It has a dark finish, which often complements the decor of most apartments and houses.

This has a 3-Tier system that leaves plenty of room for storing a DVD player or any other TV box that you happen to have.

The weight of this entire stand is around 100-pounds, and the body is effortless to assemble, coming with all the parts that you need to set it up quickly and efficiently.


  • The storage – you can easily house a DVD player or your Netflix box under this table, with plenty of room in the back that you can use to conceal hazardous and unsightly wires.
  • This is one of the sturdiest materials for a TV stand – with varnished melamine that won’t absorb spillages.
  • You can use this stand to house a 50-inch widescreen TV if necessary. When it comes to avoiding knocks and bumps that might damage your TV, you’ll want a unit that will not wobble.
  • The is a very minimalist TV stand, which will blend in seamlessly with the decor of most family homes or one-bedroom apartments.


  • Some users have complained that this TV stand contained chips and dents on its surface upon arrival. We would recommend you checking for scrapes and nicks before taking it out of the packaging.


Curved Tangent 1300 TV Stand

Curved Tangent 1300 TV Stand

Our next unit is a very stylish model indeed, with plenty of curves in it to both avoid injury to your and your little ones, but to also compliment the natural contours of your TV.

The curvature of this entire unit might also fit with a curved living room, coming in a very sophisticated black oak and walnut finish – introducing the Curved Tangent 1300 TV Stand.

This stand is supported by silver aluminum legs that make for a very sturdy, low-to-the-ground stand, capable of supporting a heavy widescreen television weighing up to 40kg.

The dark finish at the center even gives the appearance that your stand is floating, especially when set against a light wood-grained floor.

This unit is also very practical and stylish, with elegant-looking central cabinets that you can use to keep your books, DVDs, and children’s games.

The middle shelf is adapted for housing a soundbar, with holes in the back of the unit that will keep cables out of sight.

This is a perfect unit for a family setting, keeping all hazardous electricals away from their grasping little hands.


  • This is one of the most stylish units on this list, with a sleek curved body that will blend in with most swanky apartments or an upmarket office building.
  • This comes with holes in the back unit that will keep all leads safely tucked away from children and animals that might gnaw through them.
  • The style of this table conceals the legs to give it the appearance that it’s floating. This might appeal to people who are fans of innovative new designs in furniture.
  • This one is straightforward to clean, with a laminated finish in the wood as well as legs that will allow you to vacuum and clean underneath.
  • This is one of the most practical and stylish designs; it will support the weight of a 40kg TV, which is very important if you want to avoid it suffering from knocks and bumps.


  • Some users have complained that this unit is much too large for an apartment. It is very wide, so you might only want to measure it before purchase.


Zespoke White Outer Curved TV Stand

Zespoke White Outer Curved TV Stand

Our next style of curved TV is an extremely unique-looking design, coming in a white horseshoe shape, making it an ideal addition to any home that has a retro look, especially ‘70s-era architecture.

This combines both great storage facilities, support for a large TV, and innovative design – introducing the Zespoke White Outer Curved TV Stand.

This is a very bespoke piece of furniture, coming in a wide range of color designs underneath the main body, allowing you to adapt it for your particular office space or home/work area.

This really will be a focal point for your workspace, giving you that innovative professional design that might impress clients visiting your office.

This table has an acrylic-coated wooden frame that is both spill and stain-resistant.

The body of the table is extremely solid, coming with a stylish and functional glass shelf in the center where you can store all your stationery and files.

This desk is narrower than some of the other models on this list and will really save on space.


  • If you are tight on space in your apartment or living room, then this is the ideal model to save as much space as possible.
  • The glass shelf in the center is both elegant and practical, allowing you to store all your essential work-related items, or it can act as an ad hoc bookshelf.
  • This amazing-looking piece of furniture will certainly be a conversation starter amongst your friends, family and co-workers, all of them envious of your unique sense of taste.
  • This acrylic-coated frame is very durable and will be able to support most medium-sized television. The curved style of the body will also prevent severe injury, which is handy if you have children around.


  • The glass shelf can be a hazard if you aren’t particularly wary about where you’re resting your feet.


AVF Affinity Plus Bay TV Stand

AVF Affinity Plus Bay TV Stand

Our final curved table design is another particularly splendid-looking model, with a large curved UFO shape that will be ideal for supporting heavy widescreen televisions of around 55-inches or more.

The concave pattern of this TV mimics the curves of a lot of concave television sets currently on the market – introducing the AVF Affinity Plus Bay TV Stand.

This Bay TV stand comes with infrared-friendly smoked glass cabinets underneath that will allow you to conceal your DVD player and other electrical accessories.

Being infrared accommodating, you can still use a remote control to operate them without having to open the doors.

The legs on this table can be adjusted to 3 different heights, giving you the most comfortable viewing positions in relation to your sofa or living room furniture.

This adaptability makes it one of the better options for family viewing, where you might have lots of people to accommodate when watching your weekly movie.


  • This unit comes with great cable management facilities; stray leads can be easily fed through the back of your unit.
  • The remote-friendly cabinet doors in the front will act as a tasteful screen for all your essential electronic equipment, perfect if you want to obscure them from inquisitive young children. They are also great for storing soundbars.
  • The feet can be adjusted to different height levels, so if you have a particularly high sofa, then you can raise or lower your TV stand accordingly.
  • The concave design will match most top-of-the-range television sets, so if you have the money to splash out on the best and biggest TV, we suggest you do the same for your stand.


  • The price – a hefty unit with all the state-of-the-art features will come at quite a high price. Anyone on a strict budget will want to steer clear of this.
  • The size – this might be too large for modest-sized apartments.

Best Curved TV Stand Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a curved TV stand for your unit, you’re going to want something that is curved in much the same shape as your television.

The size and shape of your television is probably the most critical factor to consider, as you’re going to need someone to take the weight of a potentially heavy TV.

Here are a few of the main features that your curved TV stand is going to need.

How Many Drawers Does Your TV stand Have?

Storage is one overlooked aspect of your TV stand, as most of them come with drawers in which you can store all your DVDs, books and children’s board games.

If you have a large family, having drawers in your TV stand might be the thing that allows you to store toys and child-related clutter made much easier by the fact that it’s placed right next to your children’s play area on the carpet.

How Large Is Your TV Room?

Many concave high-definition televisions are very wide and heavy, so you’ll need to make sure that you have plenty of space in your room to fit the width of your television and your TV stand.

Remember: you should have a TV stand that exceeds the length of your TV by a few inches, so you’ll need to accommodate for this too.

How Heavy Is Your TV Stand?

As we have seen, these curved TV stands really can vary in terms of height, weight and materials.

If you have a heavy oak TV stand that is wider than long, you’ll need to make sure that you can get it through your doorway.

Also, suppose you live up a few flights of stairs in a smaller apartment. In that case, you’ll probably shy away from a wider and heavier unit as this will be a guaranteed method of doing yourself a severe injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy A Curved TV Stand?

The main reason for buying a curved TV stand is for the aesthetic compliments they give to a curved high definition television.

If your stand does not fit the shape of your TV, the chances are that the edges will overlap and make the TV more prone to accidental damages as people walk past.

A curved TV stand will also save you a little bit more space, having a narrower width.

How Do You Assemble A TV Stand?

Most TV stands will come with all the tools you’ll need for assembly, although you might have to provide your screwdriver.

Check with the manufacturer before purchase whether you need additional tools.