How To Get Rancid Oil Smell Out Of Clothes

While it might seem simple, cleaning clothes the right way has proven challenging for too many people. It is more so the case when dealing with rancid oil smell.

Simply put, many people find it very hard to remove or get the smell of rancid oil out of clothes.

How To Get Rancid Oil Smell Out Of Clothes

Why do you ask? Well, one of the reasons behind this is the fact that detergents alone cannot remove the rancid oil smell.

Even if you plan to use a washing machine, getting the rancid oil smell out of clothes is still very difficult.

How Do You Get Rancid Oil Smell Out of Clothes?

While there are a number of ways you can go about removing rancid oil smell out of clothes, there are two that are not only proven but also very easy to do.

These are the two methods or ways that this post will be looking at. So what are these two? Well, one is getting rancid oil smell out of clothes using one detergent.

The second one is getting the rancid smell out of clothes using two detergents. So without any further ado, let’s get straight to it.

Getting Rancid Oil Smell Out of Clothes Using One Detergent

One of the easiest ways of getting a rancid oil smell out of clothes is by using a single detergent.

In fact, it is advised that you first try getting a rancid smell out of clothes using one detergent before trying any other complex method.

The one detergent method is highly advised for individuals trying to remove rancid oil smell from their clothes for the first time given that it is not that complicated.

So what do you need for this to work? Better yet, what is the one detergent that you’ll need to do away with rancid oil smell out of clothes?

Distilled White Vinegar

Top on the list of detergents or products that’ll help you get rid of rancid oil smell out of clothing is vinegar. Keep in mind that not just any vinegar will work but distilled white vinegar.

Distilled white vinegar is very useful when it comes to removing just about any smell out of clothes. Whether it’s an armpit odor, foot odor, or rancid oil smell, distilled white vinegar will help you get rid of all unwanted smells.

For rancid oil smell, use or add distilled white vinegar while rinsing your clothes. Given that vinegar is acidic, it’ll help do away with all oil particles left behind after washing your clothes with regular soap.


Ammonia is another useful detergent that you can use to get the rancid smell out of clothes.

But what about the lousy odor ammonia is commonly known for? Well, you’ll not be using regular or the ammonia that you are used to.

There are many scented ammonia detergents that you can choose from. Simply add the ammonia detergent you’ve picked to your washing cycle to get rid of the rancid oil smell out of your clothes.

Lestoil or Pine-Sol

These two are a perfect substitute for vinegar when getting rid of the oil smell out of clothes. Worth noting, however, these two are very powerful.

If you use them too many times, they’ll damage your clothe(s) altogether. Regardless of whether you are using Lestoil or Pine-Sol, pour a little of it on the affected part of your cloth and gently rub it.

Let it sit out for a few minutes, then wash it for the smell to completely disappear.


Yes, bleach can also help you do away with a rancid oil smell. If you are looking for a way of doing away with unwanted oil smell, then adding bleach to your washing cycle might just do the trick.

Remember not to add too much bleach as it might end up damaging your clothes altogether.


Coke is very useful when dealing with unwanted oil smells on clothes. As with vinegar, Coke is acidic in nature.

What this does is helps it removing grease or oil particles on clothes. So how do you go about using Coke? Mix it together with your detergent and water and wash your clothes as usual.

Once you are done, you’ll have clothes that are free of any rancid oil smell.

Getting Rancid Oil Smell Out of Clothes Using Two Detergents

What if, in the rare case, using only one detergent doesn’t work? Well, your best bet is to use two detergents.

With two detergents, you’ll have to mix two things to get that perfect mix. This means that you’ll have to get your mix the right way to make sure that everything is perfect.

That said, here are the two detergents or mixtures that can help you get rid of the rancid oil smell from your clothes.

White Vinegar & Baking Soda

Topping the list of two detergent solutions that can help you eliminate the rancid smell from clothes is white vinegar and baking soda.

There is a reason why these two work so well. As already pointed out, white vinegar is acidic, so it’ll look to do away with the oil or grease.

On the other hand, baking soda will help in absorbing the bad odor that the oil or grease brings—these two combined work to get rid of the rancid oil smell from clothes completely.

For this particular solution, you’ll need to mix 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of white vinegar once you have this mixture add a sizeable amount of water.

Ideally, you should first place the clothe(s) that have a bad smell in the mixture, then add water to the point that your clothes are perfectly covered.

Leave for about 30 minutes, then take out your clothes and wash them as usual. You can choose to hand wash or wash them using a washing machine.

Getting Rancid Oil Smell Out Of Clothes

Dishwashing Detergent & Eucalyptus Oil

Another mixture that’s sure to get any rancid oil smell out of clothes is a dishwashing detergent and eucalyptus oil.

Once you have this mixture, simply apply it to the area of your clothe(s) that is oil or grease-stained and scrub for a few seconds, either using your hands or using a brush.

Once you are done allow your clothe(s) to rest for a few hours before you can wash them. For that perfect solution, mix ¼ cup of dishwashing detergent with one tablespoon of eucalyptus oil.

It’s good to point out that just about any dishwashing detergent can do the trick for this mixture. You’ll, however, need to opt for a lightly strong washing detergent. One such dishwashing detergent is Dawn.

Final Thoughts

As hard as it might seem, the smell of rancid oil can easily be removed from clothes. What you need to make it happen is just the right mixture or detergent.

When removing rancid oil smell from clothes, it’s important that you settle on a detergent or substance that will not harm or damage your clothes.

The substance shared in this post, if used correctly, will not damage your clothes. If you are in doubt, you can always rely on white vinegar.

Not only is it practical, but it is something that you can easily come across.