Why Would Power Go Out In Half The House? – 5 Causes

Given how complex electrical systems are, there is a chance that we’ll experience a half-house power outage at some point.

While it is common for the entire house to lose power, a partial power outage is not. This is why so many homeowners or renters grow weary when it happens.

Reasons Why Power Would Go Out In Half The House

But should a half-house outage be a cause of alarm? Better yet, what are the causes of a partial power outage in homes? These are just some of the questions that this post seeks to answers. So if you want to know more about why power would go out in half the house, keep on reading.

What Is A Partial Power Outage?

Simply put, a partial power outage is a situation where some parts of your house have lights while others don’t. Power going out in half the house or partial power outage usually results from a power line being compromised.

When one particular power line is compromised, everything that is directly linked to that power line will be affected.

Given that it’s a lights issue, everything that’s linked to a power line that is compromised will end up not having lights. This is why certain areas of a house end up having lights and others don’t.

What Causes Power To Go Out In Half The House?

One of the most common causes of such a partial power outage is a damaged circuit breaker. Another common cause worth mentioning is a falling panel. These two are arguably the biggest culprits when it comes to what causes a partial power outage.

In most cases, this usually results from an overload of an electric circuit. This damage can also be a result of a short-circuiting that is caused by a faulty appliance.

Below is a complete breakdown of what exactly causes power to go out in half the house.

1. Overloaded Power Grid

Although not as common with many homes, an overloaded power grid is one of the reasons why homes experience a partial power outage in half of the house.

So how does a power grid becomes overloaded? Well, when some part(s) of a grid fail to work as they should. For instance, if certain plants in a power grid fail, the others will be forced to work twice as much. This is to make sure that they fill up the gap left by the faulty parts.

The extra work taken by the functioning parts is what brings about an overload of a power grid. Partial power outages caused by an overloaded power grid usually result in a complete power outage. This also applies if your home partially loses power.


With an overloaded power grid, the solution is fixing the parts of the power grid that don’t work. This helps in ensuring that the power on the grid is balanced.

In other words, no part of the grid is forced to do twice as much. Having a professional deal with issues relating to an overloaded power grid is highly advised.

2. Blown Fuses

Blown fuses are another reason why power would go out in half the house. As with other power issues, blown fuses may have different causes.

For instance, they can be caused by a short circuit, an overloaded circuit, an arc fault, a ground fault, and in some instances installing the wrong fuse. Regardless of how it comes about, one/multiple blown fuses result in power going out in half of the house or a partial power outage.


If the problem is a blown fuse(s), a simple replacement of the fuse affected will help restore power throughout the house. With this particular cause, the repair work is usually easy. It is however advised that you seek a service of a professional.

3. Current Weather Conditions

By now, most of you are well aware that severe weather impacts the country’s power supply. What many are yet to grasp is that extreme weather can, in some instances, just affect a few homes.

Hence, if your home is experiencing partial power outages during bad weather conditions chances are that the bad weather is the reason behind your partial power outage. This is more so the case if the bad or severe weather is accompanied by thunder or lighting.


If you suspect that power going out in half the house is due to bad weather, you should seek professional help. They’ll be in a position to tell what exactly happened during bad weather.

In other words, they’ll tell you what is causing the partial power outage or what part of your home’s power supply was affected. Even better, they’ll be able to fix it in no time.

4. Failing/Tripping Circuit Breakers

Falling or tripping circuit breakers are another reason why power would go out in half the house. Circuit breakers are usually affected by several things.

For instance, a circuit breaker might trip or fall if a circuit overloads, if there is a short circuit or ground fault surges.


This is the only problem or cause that you can fix without seeking the services of a professional. To fix a tripped circuit breaker, start by unplugging all appliances in your house. Once you are done find where your home’s circuit breaker panel (also called the fuse box) is located.

Why Would Power Go Out In Half The House

If indeed you are dealing with a tripped circuit breaker, you should see one or two switches down. If this is the case, the switches that are down are the ones that have tripped or are affected. To restore power to your home, simply flip the affected switches back up.

In some instances, fixing a tripped circuit breaker is not as easy given that some breakers or switches, despite being affected, will still be up or move slightly down. In such cases, it is always best to flip all switches down. Once they are all down, start flipping them up again one by one.

5. Poor Connections At The Transformers

Although not as common, poor connections at a transformer is another reason why power would go out in half the house. If the transformer(s) at your home or near your home has an issue, a poor connection, for instance, the chances are high that power will start going out in half of the house.


If there is a poor connection at a transformer near your home, you want to make sure that it is rectified for you to restore normal power in your home. In most cases, you’ll not be able to make changes to the connections at the transformers on your own.

As such, it is advised that you seek professional help. Not only will they be able to confirm that there is a poor connection, but they’ll also fix the problem for you in no time, allowing you to fully enjoy power in your home.


Experiencing a partial power outage in half the house is nothing new. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be of great concern, given that the fix is straightforward in most cases.

Ideally, you should call a professional when dealing with electricity. This also applies to issues that are to your eyes small and easy to fix.