Top 10 Heirloom Tomatoes You Must Grow

With more people looking to grow their own produce, and with the renewed interest in organics and sustainable farming, heirloom tomatoes are seeing new popularity. Grown for their color, taste, and size, heirloom tomatoes provide many unique traits that are traditionally not found in the common red tomato. Being a mutation or variant of the common tomato, heirloom varieties differ in textures, sizes, skin thickness, acidity, and color. Some of the best varieties of heirloom tomatoes to grow this summer in your own garden, known for their quality and quantity of fruit, are:

1. Black Cherry

As the name suggests, these are a cherry variety with darn reddish black skin known for their sweet taste, and juicy texture. Buy the seeds here.


2. Brandywine (Sudduths Strain)

This tomato is a large Beefsteak variety, great for sandwiches and stews. Having a pinkish red skin, this tomato has a smooth texture, and mellow taste with little acidity. Buy the seeds here.


3. Dixie Golden Giant

With fruits that regularly reach up to 2lbs, this variety is one for the tomato lover’s garden. Its bright yellow skin makes it an interesting addition to any garden, and its mild flavor make it a great eat. Buy the seeds here.


4. Delicious

A smooth and firm texture and delicate skin make this tomato a great addition to sandwiches and salads. With fruits that range from 1-2lbs, this tomato is a prolific producer with a great flavor. Buy the seeds here.


5. Chocolate Stripes

This variety, known for its marbled and striped brown and red skin, has an earthy flavor that is firm and mild. Often growing in irregular shapes, this heirloom tomato creates interesting shapes and sizes of fruits throughout the season. Buy the seeds here.


6. Blondkopfchen

These small oval tomatoes have an intense gold color and are grown for their sweetness. A cherry tomato, only a half-inch across, these heirloom varieties grow on large plants and are known to produce massive amounts of fruit all summer long. Buy the seeds here.


7. Azoychka

A Russian variety of heirloom tomato, Azoychkas are favored for their acidity, bringing a tart taste to dishes they are added to, and their juicy texture. The fruits that are produced on this plant often reach half a pound, the size of a common red tomato. Buy the seeds here.


8. Amana Orange

This variety has a large Beefsteak fruit with a yellowish orange skin, and smooth, firm, texture. Often growing to 1lb, this tomato is a large variety that is known for its flavor which is rich and smooth. Buy the seeds here.


9. Black Krim

Its purplish red skin and sweet flavor are two defining attributes for this heirloom variety. Its juicy texture and rich flavor make it a great addition to salads and sandwiches, and its size, often reaching 1lb, make it an impressive tomato to grow in the garden. Buy the seeds here.


10. Brandywine

Pinkish red skin, and a creamy texture mark this heirloom variety as a favorite among gardeners. Often growing to over 1lb in size, the fruits have a thicker skin, and a smooth and soft flesh inside. Buy the seeds here.


That’s a wrap! I guarantee you that any one of these tomatoes will taste infinitely better than what you can buy at the store, and with heirloom seeds, you can save them for next season. That’s homesteading and prepping!