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15 Free Greenhouse Plans DIY

Free Grennhouse Plans

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to build the greenhouse you always wanted. We have found 15 of the best free greenhouse plans available.

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Build a Simple Solar Dehydrator For Under $20

Prepping is about preparing to live without many of the modern conveniences we have today. One of those conveniences is electricity. One of the best things about learning ways to get things done without using electricity is you will save money on your electric bill today. Every dollar you save on your monthly utility bill can be applied to paying off debt or buying more supplies for your emergency storage.

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How to Dry Fresh Herbs For Year Round Use

Adding fresh herbs to recipes helps boost flavor. Most herbs do not grow year round, so harvesting fresh herbs and drying them out for later use allows them to be used in various recipes year round. Drying herbs is a simple way to preserve them for future use. Not all herbs take well to the drying process and some are best used only when fresh.

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Protect Your Garden From Drought Using These Simple Tips

If you are willing to believe what the forecasters are saying about the upcoming summer of 2015, you know things are sounding pretty dire. Half the country was pretty dry this winter, which does not bode well for a nice, healthy, prolific growing season. In the northwest, snowfall was minimal. That means, the growing regions to the south are going to be facing a drought.

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Cucamelons – Growing This Strange and Wonderful Fruit

Have you started planting or thinking about what you will plant in your garden this year? Are you willing to try something new? Yes, there is actually a different kind of plant you can grow in your garden that produces delicious fruit. Have you heard of the cucamelon? If you haven’t, you are in for a real treat!

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Survival Garden: Growing Your Own Medicine

Have you thought of all of the ramifications to a total collapse of the world as you know it? It isn’t just food and water that are going to be gone. That corner pharmacy and the local drugstore are also going to be gone. You won’t be able to get those little things you have come to depend on like Pepto Bismol when somebody in the family has a tummy ache or skin cream for bug bites or a case of eczema. You may have stocked some of these medicines in your survival pantry, but will it be enough?

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How to Build a Compost Bin with Our Plans

Last week I posted a very popular article on making compost and the feedback was incredible. I had a few people ask about building a good sturdy compost bin. I originally was going to send them a few images of the compost bin that I currently use, it’s simply three pallets bolted together.

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What You Really Need to Know About Storing Seeds

Survival Seeds

Are you storing your seeds wrong? Find Out

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An Introduction in to Food Preservation Methods

With the gardening season on the horizon, it is important you think about what you are going to do with the bountiful crops you harvest this fall. Most gardeners have been pleasantly surprised to discover there plants produce far more fruits and veggies than they could ever actually eat fresh. Although the stuff you grow […]

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