How to Remove a Compression Ring – Step-by-Step

Compression rings are used to prevent water from leaking out of pipes. They are usually made of rubber and are placed around the outside of the tube.

How to remove a compression ring

If you have a problem with a compression ring coming off of a pipe, then you probably know how frustrating it can be. It’s not always easy to get a compression ring back on.

There are several different ways to remove a compression ring as I take you through in this article.

How To Remove a Compression Ring from a Copper Pipe?

  1. Turn off the main valve at the house.

This will stop any flow in or out of the system.

  1. Open all faucets on both sides of the sink where you plan to remove the ring.

Please make sure they are open for as long as possible so that no more pressure builds up inside the pipe.

  1. Use an air compressor with a large enough nozzle to blow through the pipe until you can see the end of the pipe. This may take several hours, depending on how far away the end of the pipe is located. You might need to use multiple compressors to get the job done.
  2. Once you have blown into the pipe, turn on the main valve again. The compressed air will push against the sidewalls of the pipe, causing them to expand outward. When this happens, the compression ring will be pushed down onto the outer wall of the pipe. It will not loosen unless you pull it apart manually.
  3. After removing the compression ring, make sure that the hole in the pipe has been sealed by using a caulking compound.

Caulk prevents moisture from entering the pipe.

  1. 6. Clean the area surrounding the pipe with soap and warm water.

Be careful when cleaning because hot water could damage the insulation covering the pipe.

  1. Wrap new gaskets over the holes in the pipe before turning back on the main valve.
  2. Check the plumbing connections periodically to ensure that everything is working correctly.

How To Remove Compression Rings from Plastic Pipes?

Plastic pipes are used in many different applications. They are used in plumbing systems, water supply systems, irrigation systems, and building construction.

When installing these pipes, a compression ring often needs to be removed before the pipe is connected to other parts of the system.

Here’s how to remove a compression pipe ring from a plastic pipe.

Step 1: Find your compression ring.

The first step is finding where you need to cut off the end of the pipe. If it’s an elbow or tee fitting, look for the part with two holes on either side. This will be the place where you want to cut.

Step 2: Cut through the compression ring.

Now that we know what we’re looking at let’s get started cutting! First, find the right spot by holding down the compression ring until you feel resistance.

Next, use pliers to grab hold of one edge of the compression ring. Now pull up slightly so that you have some leverage. You should see the edges start to separate. Once they do, keep pulling upward until all of the rings come apart.

Step 3: Clean up any debris left behind.

Once everything comes loose, take care not to leave anything inside the pipe. It could cause problems later if something gets stuck inside the pipe. Use a brush or rag to clean away any dirt or residue that may remain.

Step 4: Connect the new piece of piping.

After cleaning up, connect the new section of pipe using the same method as when connecting regular PVC pipe. Make sure to check the connections carefully after making them.

That was easy.

How To Remove Compression Rings from Water Pipes

If you want to replace your water pipe with a new one, first, you’ll need to get rid of the compression ring. If you don’t remove it, you could end up breaking the tube.

Here’s how to remove the compression ring from your water pipe.

Step 1: Turn off all faucets in the house and shut off the main valve on the street. This will prevent any leaks if there are any cracks or holes in the pipes.

Step 2: Cut out the section of pipe where the compression ring is located with an electric saw. You can also use a hacksaw but make sure not to cut into the copper tubing itself.

Step 3: Use pliers to pull the compression ring away from the pipe. Be careful when pulling on this part because it may break easily. Once you’ve removed the compression ring, you should be able to slide the pipe apart without resistance.

Step 4: Slide one side of the pipe over the other until they meet again. The new piece of pipe should fit snugly inside the existing one. Make sure both parts have been appropriately tightened before turning back on the valves.

How To Unstick a Stuck Compression Ring

If you find that your compression ring has become stuck inside a pipe, follow this step to unstuck it.

Step 1: Turn on all faucets so that no water flows through them. You will need to turn these faucets back on after you remove the compression ring.

Step 2: Use a pair of pliers or wire cutters to carefully pry open the area where the compression ring got stuck. Make sure not to damage any nearby pipes.

Step 3: Once you have opened up the area, place some duct tape over the opening. The purpose of doing this is to keep dirt and dust away while getting the compression ring removed.

Step 4: Using a hammer, gently tap the compression ring until it comes loose.

Be careful when tapping as you do not want to break anything else.

Step 5: After you have successfully gotten rid of the compression ring, make sure to close the gap by placing another piece of duct tape over it.

Removing a compression ring

Tools To Use When Removing Compression Ring

There are many tools available for removing compression rings. Here are just a few options.

  • Electric Saw – Electric saws come in handy when cutting metal such as steel, aluminum, brass, etc. They allow you to quickly cut through metals without having to heat them as a torch would.
  • Hacksaw – A hacksaw works well for cutting plastic materials such as vinyl siding, fiberglass insulation, etc. However, it won’t work very well for cutting metal.
  • Pliers – Pliers are great for gripping small objects. For example, you might use pliers to grab onto the compression ring and then slowly twist it free.
  • Wirecutter – These types of wire cutters are designed specifically for cutting wires. It allows you to cut through thick cables and even thin wires.
  • Hammer – Hammers are useful for pounding things. In this case, we used hammers to hit the compression ring until it came loose.

Can You Remove Compression Rings Without Tools?

You don’t always need special equipment to get a job done right. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than using what you already own.

If you’re looking to remove a compression ring in a pipe without needing specialized tools, you can try heating the area surrounding the pipe by placing a blow dryer near the spot where the pipe sticks out. This will cause the metal to expand, making it easier to loosen.


You have learned few plumbing tricks on removing compression rings in our guide but remember plumbing is not an amateur job and whenever the problem becomes bigger, consult your plumber right away.